Yezba Automation Technologies Pvt. Ltd. specializes in industrial automation. With the service philosophy ‘Customers in mind with sincerity’, Yezba serves the customers with proven numerous track records in industry. The company is owned by young and experienced individuals with proven track record in the Industrial Automation Projects.

Developing with the future in mind, Yezba Automation Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provides value-added solutions, customized products and systems with timely quality service for our extensive user-base. Yezba aims to create more value for customers and realize the goal of Better Life.

Yezba Automation Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is committed to delivering a customer centric, results orientated approach to meeting our clients’ requirements and our engineering solutions encompass the entire lifecycle from design, supply, implementation and commissioning through to post project support.

Yezba Automation Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is able to provide standard machines based on the customer requirements. Our Electrical engineering is dedicated to improving quality and customer manufacturing procedures and creating of electrical plans, making the 3D plans, proposal of printed circuit boards in programs.

SCADA: (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)

Applications of SCADA

  • Oil and Gas Remote Instrumentation Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring Systems
  • Mine Site Monitoring Applications

Communication of SCADA with PLC

  Elipse SCADA

  King view SCADA

  Wonderware Intouch SCADA

PLC: (Programmable Logic Controller) & Motion Controller

  Electrical System Design

  Functional Description Development

  • Integration of Drives, Complex Moving Parts and Varying Environments

  Servo Configuration Programming