Vertical & Horizontal Form Fill and Seal Machine (VFFS&HFFS)

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Vertical & Horizontal Form Fill and Seal Machine (VFFS&HFFS)

Form fill and seal machines of Vertical and Horizontal machines are made in India as well as in International market. By using low cost automation solutions, required to develop the custom built machine.

Design Intent:

At present the machine speeds at the customer place is very slow as compared to present machinery speeds in this line of activity. We developed high speed FFS machines as per the present market requirements.

Mechanical Challenges:

Weighing accuracies and additional features are implemented in the machine. Worn out sub-assemblies are removed and individual drive concept is developed to have consistence and complete control on the machine irrespective of the machine age. Ease to use, High speed machine is developed and incorporated additional features as compared to International machinery. Major composition of the machine is Hooper, Weighing bucket, In feed conveyor, Back stand duly fitted with web guiding system and eye marks sensor, Bottom sealing, Flyer type End sealing, Inline weighing along with suitable ejection system and Metal detector.

Electronics Challenges:

There are around 10 Servo independent and interlocked axes are used in this machine. All the axes are controlled using OMRON motion controller for higher operating accuracies. PID controllers are used to have temperature control within +/- 1 Deg. Higher machine speed of 120 packs per minute.